Monday, September 13, 2010

A Run at Northam Burrows Country Park Devon

For my run this morning I returned to Northam Burrows Country Park  for a 70 minute run. At the moment my half marathon training is about concentrating on building up base mileage so I get used to running on a regular 5 day a week basis again.

My long run is based on time and 70 minutes is my long run at present though over the next 6 weeks this will increase to 1hr 50 mins .

I am continuing to use the heart rate monitor and running acording to heart rate zones rather than pace per mile. I am hoping by  this method of listening more to my body that I will avoid injury. In the meantime my Garmin has remained unused as I really prefer the on board coach which comes with the Adidas Micoach. This  connects to my IPOD so you are listening to music and podcasts but get regularly updates from your coach which cuts in  and replaces the audio from the IPOD as and when required.

As I was on my long run I ventured much further into the Northam Burrows. The early morning sunshine was bright but fairly weak and with a strong breeze kept conditions dry and good for running.

Plenty of golfers out this morning and I had to time my runs as in one or two places the pathway ran along the edge of one or two greens.

I ran well but on the sand dunes I had to put in more effort and to keep within the green moderate heart rate zone consequently slowed my pace. Another run bagged and home for porridge.

Listened to Darwin Deez on my ipod after buying the album of the same name. First cd I have bought in months from FOPP.

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