Thursday, September 09, 2010

A run at Northam Burrows Country Park Devon

My second run during my holiday was a morning run from Westward Ho! along the coastline to Northam Burrows. The weather was good warm and dry but the run was hard over a large area of sand dunes.

I really had to watch my feet to avoid going into the many holes. This was a tough run much of it over soft sand up and down dunes never allowing you to get into any rhythm but nevertheless different from my normal runs so the difference was enjoyable.
Sunrise over Northam Burrows

Northam Burrows is dominated by a large golf course home to the Royal North Devon Golf Club. The oldest golf club in England and I had to always keep an eye out for any flying balls. However my run was early in the morning and there were very few golfers about.

Westward Ho! from Northam Burrows
There is said to be a rich variety of birds, insects and wild flowers in the grassland and salt marsh area . Northam Burrows is common land which means there is a right for locals to graze  Horses, cattle and sheep. The path I was following was often blocked by horses and unsure of how they might react I slowed down initially as I passed but they were clearly used to people and were not spooked in anyway by my presence.


  1. A very perfect place to run..Great sight and great air..

  2. Thanks brooks shoes very scenic have you been there?


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