Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boscastle Cornwall

On the way back from Tintagel we called into another village which I remember visiting as a child Boscastle. It is a lovely village with some fine walks around the harbour.

We parked in the car park near the River Valency and walked around the harbour and village shops. As we walked many of the buildings showed tide marks very high up on the walls as a reminder of the awful flood that occurred here in 2004. Very heavy rain for 8 hours caused a flash flood which will never be forgotten here.

Remarkably 6 years on the village is very beautiful and as a passing stranger you could be forgiven for not knowing that a major disaster occurred here. The local community pulled together and one year later after one mighty tidy up the village which is 90% dependent on tourism reopened.

No lives were lost during the flood which is pretty amazing if you watch the video.

1 comment:

  1. that is crazy! incredible that no one perished, with the cars ramming into things. glad everyone was able to get out of their houses/places of work/cars.

    i am glad they were able to rebuild - it's a quaint town!


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