Monday, June 28, 2010


Bought a pair of Fitflops today from Intersports in Whiting St Bury St Edmunds . Willing to try anything to help overcome plantar fascitiis. Fitflops contain a wobble board which supposedly give you a workout while you walk.

I am a little sceptical as to whether these will greatly help but after reading many reviews of folks with sciatica and plantar fascitiis problems benefiting from using these shoes I will give them a try and let you know my verdict in due course.

The official blurb on the Fitflop web site says
"Dass sandals are widely reported to almost instantly reduce pain in the knees, ankles and lower back, to reduce plantar foot pressure, and to help speed recovery from sports injuries. Recommended by physiotherapists and leading podiatrists for injury recovery and realignment, they’re wearable relief for sports warriors everywhere™"

Since April I haven't been able to run and even walking leaves me limping at the moment . Following a visit to my GP early in June she confirmed that I have plantar fascitiis. She said I had two choices  to wait and eventually it will go of its own accord but it may take up to a year! Or my other option would be to have a cortisone injection though this doesn't always work and carries some risks of permanent damage to the heel.

So I am going for the slow wait and see option and doing a range of exercises such as the rolling the golf ball under the foot , pulling a towel back with the toes and foot rises on the stairs!

In the meantime I haven't  been cycling since early June , it does act as a substitute though I much prefer running. I guess I will have to get back on to the bike in the short term. I would prefer long distance walking if I could but this seems to aggravate the heel pain in my left foot. Perhaps the new fitflops will give me sufficient support to do some longer walks in comfort.


  1. Wow, I hope that the Fitflops will help you out with the PF problem at hand. Best wishes with that. Havent heard from you in a while. Was hoping that maybe you went out and started running and never returned home yet. Well, hope you get this PF thing under control. Have you been to a sports doctor?

  2. I've heard the same information concerning the risks of cortisone shots. I've had a couple of them in my hip for bursitis only because I couldn't even walk without them.

    I tried running again a few days ago with only a little sensitivity the next day, just enough to suggest I probably shouldn't do it again for a while. Meanwhile I'm using a frozen can of juice (no kidding!) and several kinds of stretching exercises every day.

    All in due time, Buryblue, all in due time. Looking forward to your future posts.

  3. New here...ran across your blog...dealing with PF as well. Got fitted for new orthotics and have been wearing a sandal similar to FitFlops(which i am purchasing next). Earth Origins is the brand I wear...even took them to the podiatrist with me to make sure I wasn't crazy that they were alleviating the pain with PF...he said no, not crazy, the wedge in the heal helps. So go for it!!

  4. i've heard of fit flops, but never tried them myself. will be interesting to see what you think about them.

    sorry to hear about your heel/pf not getting any better. hang in there and give it plenty of rest i guess. :-/

  5. Found you through Kenley's blog. I broke my third metatarsal bone (bone in the foot right below the middle toe.) After I was given the OK to wear shoes again and not that ortho/velcro boot, the only thing I could wear were the Fit Flops. They are super comfortable and didn't hurt where my foot was still sore. I have 3 pairs now. As far as their claims about exercising, that seems gimmicky to me, but they did offer comfort to my hurt foot. Good luck!

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