Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A cycle ride to Great Saxham Suffolk

At 8am I set off on my cycle for a shorter ride of 9.3 miles to Great Saxham. This morning was warm and dry which was welcome after yesterdays rain. I hade to compete a bit with the traffic on the road going out of Bury St Edmunds to Little Saxham.

Once I had turned up the hill to Great Saxham it was traffic free. The minor road between Gt Saxham and the A143 Horringer Road is shown as unknown and it is not possible to get directions following this route for some reason.

There was a nice downhill stretch back to Lt Saxham along the A143 before turning back to Bury.

Thats day 2 of Juneathon and so far so good.  What I have noticed so far is that cycling just doesn't give you that buzz, that runners high that you can sometimes get during a good run. Perhaps it will come if there is such a thing as a cyclists high? I am still getting pain in the heel so I am not ready yet to try running unfortunately but may be in a week or so.


  1. I found this interesting article comparing the "highs" experienced by runners & cyclists. Can't say that I've experienced anything like a runner's high while cycling, but I have definitely experienced what the author here describes as being "in the zone".

  2. I will be crossing my fingers in hopes for your great return into running, but in the meantime, thanks for sharing the cycling stories. Went and actually aired up my bikes tires yesterday after I said I was going to do it 100,000 times. Take care man.

  3. But on the other side, cycling gives you a sore arse that running won't. And if you're like mea few hundred stitches when you fall off and try to stop the pavement with your face...


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