Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sennheiser 5 FOR SPORTS – Running Song Charts

Many of us enjoy going on a training run and listening to music either as a distraction or as an aid to help us to focus perhaps when running to the beat. Running with music for me comes into its own when I am doing any faster paced work which includes some sprints or interval training. Running to the beat of music is definitely proven as a form of motivation.

The folks over at 5 for Sports would like to know what kind of music and which songs motivate you when you are running. With our input they are trying to create the basis for a statistical analysis of the topic running and music and thus develop the ultimate “Running Song Charts“: 

For 5 months sports fans all around the world can state their 5 favorite training- songs on the website . In cooperation with adidas Sennheiser raffles 250 prizes such as iPods, iTunes-vouchers or sports headphones and a voucher for sports equipment worth 5.555 Euro among all participants as a reward for their participation.
- Many renowned faces from the sports and music world are supporting this campaign. US-Sprinter Tyson Gay, the British heptathlete Jessica Ennis, the Chinese singer Hins Cheung are among the stars that disclose their „top 5“ songs for warming up, running and cool-down. The playlists of the NBA-players Derrick Rose and Nick Batum are already online. And there are more to come.
- The more people contribute their training songs to 5 FOR SPORTS the more extensive the analysis is going to be.  Sennheiser and adidas will share the results – for example differing musical preferences of men and women, or differing musical tastes in Europe, Asia and America – with all participants.

So give it a go there is nothing to lose and it is a bit of fun- for the record my 5 songs that I chose were

Warm up song Mott the Hoople All the Young Dudes
Jogging Song Snow Patrol Run
Sprinting Song The Ramones Blitzkreig Bop
Cool Down Song Peter Tosh Downpressor Man
Relaxation Song Darwin Deez Constellations

This was my instant thoughts and I guess I could come up with another 100 alternatives!

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