Saturday, April 03, 2010

Review of my Running in March 2010

March . One of my favourite months of the year. The first greenshoots and buds appearing the daffodils and snowdrops in the hedgerows.  It is that sense of new life, renewal , the dawn chorus and the longer days everything feels better and there is a sense of anticipation of whats to come in the rest of Spring and Summer.

How did I do with my running in March? My  stats show

  •  a total of 144 miles for the month which is up from 129 in 2009.
  • I ran on 19 days 
  • My biggest mileage week was 41.5 miles for this week beginning the 1st of March
  • My longest run was 13.1 miles on the 21st and 28th of March
  • Fastest paced run was my tempo run on the 24th of March 4 miles in 32 mins 03  for 8.01 pace
  • Slowest run was an easy run on the 20th of March  5 miles in 45 55 for a 9.11 pace
  • My average weekly rate is currently 32.3 miles
  • My target for the year is 1400 miles and I am currently up on this by about 68 miles
  • Quality sessions - I  ran 2 tempo run, 2 interval run  and 6 long runs in March
  • My weight is down from 86.5 to 83 kilos in this month
  • No hill sessions recorded which is a weakness for me at the moment
  • Races - 1 on the 28th March at Stowmarket Suffolk - Joe Cox Half Marathon
  • My tempo run pace improved to 8.05 average mile pace from 8.11 in February
  • My easy run pace was slightly quicker at 8.46 miles compared to 8.49 in February
  • My interval pace was 7.48 a mile compared to 8.02 miles in February
  • My long run pace was 8.47 in March compared to 8.58 in February
Highlight and success of the month must be the Joe Cox Half Marathon. This was my first race since June 2009 and helped to restore my confidence to do road races. 


  1. Anonymous9:48 am

    When do you plan to do your 10k? Are you going to predict a time? I'll be following with interest...

  2. Great March Paul. Love your new lay out here. Very refreshing. I might change mine some time as I get bored with the same ole after a while. I think that April is my favorite month. 144 miles. Do you think you would have done that if you are not training? Well, take care.

  3. solid march! love all the stats - especially monitoring paces of easy/tempo/etc runs. hopefully you will look back in a year and be even faster! :)

  4. Thanks yetanotherrunningblog

    When I ran the Breckland 10k last year I did 47.19. I guess I should be positive and say I will aim to beat this but I am a year older and following injuries a bit slower so I will aim for 50 mins or under if my training goes well.

  5. Thanks Kenley I thought I would have a play around using the blogger draft features and it was simple enough for me to use so I guess anyone can do it!

    I wouldn't have been far off 144 miles but maybe a little less I just enjoy running

  6. Thanks Lindsay I guess I am a bit of a stats man or an anorak ! recording endless details As you say it is good to look back and see your improvement.


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