Monday, April 05, 2010

Adkins Wood Ickworth Park Suffolk

Adkins Wood
An easy 8 mile run this morning out to Adkins Wood in Ickworth Park. A grey overcast Easter Monday.

Bee Hives at Ickworth Park
Canal Lake
This is one of my regular routes and it is always interesting to spot things which have changed. Today there were 3 things of note - a number of new signboards,lots of lambs in the park which made a tremoundous bleating racket as I approached and some further evidence of work to set up some beehives. By the canal lake and next to the summerhouse work has begun on establishing some behives.
St Mary's Church

Summer House
Apparently the National Trust has found evidence that beehives were present on the site when the Marquis of Bristol family seat over hundred of years  was  Ickworth Park.

I am hoping to run my next race on the 3rd of May at Croxton Thetford. It is the Breckland 10k race over the border in Norfolk.

This leaves little time for training but I will follow a 4 week plan from the Runners World SMART Coach and hope for the best!


  1. We're experience a general decline in the bee population here in the States--so much so, that beekeeping has suddenly become very popular among persons concerned about sustainable agriculture.

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  3. Like wise Revrunner a lot of bees have been killed off by some form of mite


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