Thursday, April 01, 2010

Back to Running

I have had a restful week following the half marathon and only ventured out for my first run following the race for a short 3 miler today. 

Everything is working and I am glad to report no injuries. I had a stiff left heel on the Monday but this has now passed. I think this is a clear sign that I need to buy new shoes my Asics 2's are now showing some wear in the mid to front of foot on the edge where the carbon tread has really worn. My foot gait shows that I underpronate. I will need to start shoe hunting soon !

The video below isn't the most interesting but I though I would throw it up anyway. It is after the race at the John Deere centre at Buxhall near Stowmarket.


  1. Always good to finish a race without injury. Probably says a lot about how well you trained for it.

  2. Yes thanks Revrunner it certainly gave me the confidence to complete it and I now feel I can tackle races up to this distance again


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