Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Mile Run Challenge

After yesterdays long run my schedule called for an easy 30 minute run which I did. However as I mentioned in a previous post I am intending to self test myself by running some of the classic distances such as the mile, 5k and 10k during my training.

Today half way through my 30 minute jog I stopped along Newmarket Road at the junction with Oliver Road. I switched on the ipod music on shuffle and did a mile at a pace albeit slow, very slow! The mile distance crosses many road junctions before finishing just beyond the Falcon Pub. Depending on traffic you do have to give way to cars at 3-4 junctions so it is probably not ideal as a mile time measure. However I have run this route as a mile course for donkeys years.

I am not sure if I will ever return to my previous pace of even a year ago as at the moment I am much, much slower. However I am going to enjoy giving it a try.At least today I registered a mile time which was 8 mins 10 seconds. I can get a lot quicker than this and will do I hope!

I registered my mile at the website and hope that some of you who read this will also join Konkura and enter a mile time. If you are not familiar with Konkura it is a challenge website for many different running events but also many other sports.

The mile is an event which isn't often raced on the track these days as I believe the record has been held by Hicham El Guerrouj of Morroco since 1999. The mile record was held by English runners between 1979 and 1993 by a succession of great middle distance runners - Seb Coe, Steve Cram and Steve Ovett.  As everyone knows the 4 mile mile was broken by Roger Bannister another Englishman in 1954.

Seemingly the popularity of the mile has faded which is a pity if this is the case.

Looking back on my records I ran 5.52 for the mile in 2008 on the track.  But I haven't kept complete records so I don't know what my best ever mile time was. So my best recorded was 5.52.

So how about doing a mile and updating your blog and Konkura with your times?


  1. that konkura looks like a cool website, but i don't like the idea of creating yet another account... i don't know if i could juggle one more! we'll see though.

    as for a mile - i did a mile race back in september and ran about a 6:04ish. it was hard!

  2. thanks for posting that video - those boys are fast! good idea about blogging your quickest mile - I'll go all out to do that after I get over the Dublin marathon. By the way - you are in flying form now in my opinion.

  3. My best recorded time is 5:30, which I got during track season last spring. I'd love to get into the 5:10's this season.

  4. Thanks Lindsay I know what you mean if you are not careful going for a run can become a full time job if you record it on so many social network sites !

  5. Breandan

    You are too kind hope to get under 8 mins before the end of the year


  6. Luke

    I am sure you will do it and I will be following your blog to find out when you do



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