Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Interval Run

For the first time in many months I felt the need to wear a thermal top and Ron Hill trackster leggings this morning on my run. In fact I wore a second layer over my thermal top as although it was bright and sunny it was also breezy. The first real signs of winter coming early perhaps. The temperature I believe was 2c or whats that 35f or so.

This year we seemed to start Autumn early back in August to be honest and September it rained nearly every day at least it felt like it. We change the clocks in the UK at the end of this month by an hour and return to Greenwich mean time from British summer time. On the 31st of October we gain an extra hour for the week end which is great but from then on we are plunged into darkness from around 4-5pm in the evenings. For a lot of people this means going to work in the day getting home in the dark and you have to make the best of it though many suffer from SAD the seasonal affective disorder.

With the colder weather there has been an invasion of spiders in to the house setting up webs which I don't mean if they are successful in catching a few flies. I am using my Fitflops less frequently now as they are open toed sandals. They were fantastic and helping me overcome plantar fasciitis and if money allowed at some point I would look for a shoe or boot version for the winter. We are eating less salads now and we recently had home made soup so the warm comfort foods are back on the menu. We are also in that inbetweeny stage of sometimes surrendering to putting the heating on and then turning it off again when we are too warm.

As for this morning I felt I could have done with some gloves but apart from the first 5-10 Min's into the run I was OK. My session this morning was a 45 minute effort using the Adidas mi coach set to the heart rate monitor function.

I did 5 min easy warm up (blue zone) 5 Min's moderate (green zone)  and then a 5 minute anaerobic threshold interval I repeated this 3 times for a total of 45 Min's running. Total distance 5.04 miles which is slightly under 9 min miles.

This morning served as a reminder that I  must check out hats and gloves  for running.


  1. Man, running in weather that cold must suck! I personally hate running in thermal tops or the equivalent, just because it always makes me uncomfortably warm. But then I freeze if I take it off. But its probably different for me, the coldest I'll usually have to run in is in the 40's (F).

  2. Getting ready to run myself in just a few minutes. It's a little cool, but nothing like you describe--upper 50s. All the same, I think I'll be donning my long-sleeved running shirt.

  3. Winter, watch out, here I come. Yuck!! I am busting out with some cooler weather gear here myself, though it is not as cold as it is there yet. Great job on the interval work out. I have been recently using audiofuel for my runs and it works great. Micoach is great too. Take care.

  4. I'm with you on the thermal top issue - it's freezing over here this week, and hightime we got the longjohns out!

  5. I live on Canada's west coast. I finally had to put the shorts away last week and get the gloves out. Highs are still around 11C but nippy in the morning. Not looking forward to the winter. 2 years ago we had -20C and icy pavements for about 4 days. That really throws the schedule off. Enjoy your blog by the way.


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