Monday, July 20, 2009

Victorian Photographers of Bury St Edmunds Suffolk


From what little I have found out so far on the Victorian & Edwardian Photographers of Bury St Edmunds I believe the following to be true but happy to be corrected.

A collection of carte de viste (cdv) and cabinet cards from Bury St Edmunds Photographers has been posted on my flicker site here and includes these photographers

W Spanton
W.S. Spanton
J W Clarke
JP Clarke
WM Aston
JH Gill
F Barkway

The photographer of these two photos is John Palmer Clarke whose studios were at Abbey Hill House now the Borough offices and 31 Abbeygate Street Bury St Edmunds

JP Clarke moved to Cambridge in 1903. He was in business in Bury St Edmunds from 1868 to 1903 so these photographs dates most likely from the 1880-90's.

JP Clarke was the son of John William Clarke also a photographer working in Bury St Edmunds at Abbey Hill House from 1868.

JP Clarke's apprentice Henry Issac Jarman bought the photographic studio at 16 Abbeygate Street which was run by WS Spanton from 1870 to 1901 when he retired. Two years later JP Clarke moved to Cambridge to work as a photographer.

William Silas Spanton was the son of William Spanton who was based at 16 Abbeygate St Bury St Edmunds from 1864 to 1870. William Spanton died in Jan 1870 at the age of 47.

JH Gill was based at 77 Whiting Street

William Aston was based at 83 St Johns Street now the home of the shop called Sunrise


  1. fascinating stuff! I'll check out the flicker pics too.
    Did you know I designed the new Sunrise logo, how funny!

  2. Anonymous6:16 pm

    wonderful to see all the photographs,especially the ones by J H Gill who was my Great Uncle, I have some family photo's taken by him

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