Friday, December 11, 2009

Shopping in Norwich


The highlight of shopping in Norwich for me today was this busker. I would have taken a video but when I returned although his tape cassete was stil playing he had vanished to get a pasty I think.

This guy is unique as a busker basically his act consisted of songs on his cassette player whilst on the end of his arm a glove puppet on the end of his arm frantically jumped and bounced up and down. Not sure what the puppet was a dog or a snowman may be. To his credit he had earned a couple of quid in bronze coins as Cliff Richards 'The Young Ones' squeaked out of a 1980's cassette player. This guy is a legend and it would be worth going to Norwich to see him again and his performance.

In Fat Face this yeti was worth a photo. I survived shoping by listening to my IPOD and reading an Allan Mallinson novel called the Warrior. Mallinson is a historical fiction novelist in the style of Bernard Cornwall but a notch better in my view.

Lunch was had at this pub the Sir Garnet Wolseley overlooking the market. Inside on the plus side it served Adnams and pints of Broadside were gratefully accepted. However it was something of a glass house and lacked atmosphere. You certainly needed to keep your coat on as it was chilly. The bar man was friendly and had his work cut out as he served at the bar and then had to run up and down the 3 flights of stairs to attend to the needs of the patrons.

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